Why you should choose Over The Top Entertainment!  

Top Value

Have you ever thought about renting your own sound system and saving yourself some money? You probably haven’t.  If you hire a professional DJ for under $800.00 for a four hour wedding reception, you’re getting a deal! Some may charge $1,200+, others as low as $450.  There usually are several reasons for the price differences, SO BE CAUTIOUS.  The equipment of a professional DJ alone is worth about $400 to rent, and this doesn’t include the music library.  If a DJ agrees to perform at a wedding for 4 hours at only $750, their time or skill probably isn’t worth much since they are not charging for it.

IF YOU CUT CORNERS ON YOUR ENTERTAINMENT PEOPLE WILL NOTICE!  If you hire quality entertainment, people will also notice!  There are a lot of DJs in the area claiming to be the best so make sure you thoroughly evaluate all of your entertainment options so that you make the right choice for your reception!  After all, this is a once in a lifetime event and it should be perfect.

Price Structure Factors:  Several factors determine the price of your event. Here are a few of those factors: 

Type of Event: Weddings often require the most pre-planning and pre-event work.  Private parties usually require the least.  Prices vary accordingly.


Date of Event: Seasonal demand affects the price for the event. The day of the week also plays a role in determining a price quote for a particular event.  Example: (A Saturday event is often priced the highest). Events on Friday’s or weekdays are usually priced lower.


Location: The distance or difficulty of reaching the event location and the loading access time will sometimes require an added fee.  A 60 mile radius from Stevens Point, WI is considered Over the Top Entertainment’s “local area/standard price.”  A party 80 miles away will cost more, as would a party on the second floor without an elevator.


Experience Level of the DJ: As with most other vendor services, the vendors with the most experience, expertise, and professionalism will charge higher rates.  A “cheap” price usually results in a cheap service.  On the flip side, a “high” price DOES NOT guarantee an excellent service either.  At Over The Top Entertainment we make this choice easy for you.  Over the Top Entertainment only books two shows per night which ensures that you are getting either Andy Garr or Justin Breyhan (the owners of the company) as your DJ!  Each of us has more than 10 years professional disc jockey experience; ensuring a dynamic performance.


Quality of the Equipment – Variety of Music: This is perhaps the most tangible aspect of a mobile disc jockey service. The sound quality, and wide music selection are factors that will raise the overall cost of a DJ service in the form of overhead (premium sound equipment, and thousands of songs are expensive). The best equipment and an expansive music library gives the most value to the client and guests, (that’s what you’re paying for, clean and crisp sounding music that YOU LIKE). At Over the Top Entertainment, all music used for every respective event is purchased through a radio programming and management group on high quality disks. Hisses and crunchy sounds often experienced on MP3 downloads are lower quality and are eliminated with this service.


Image: Remember, the DJ you hire will represent YOU during your event.  It is very important to Choose Carefully. Your main objective should be to find a DJ who is fun and enjoys entertaining.  The DJ should inspire fun in a friendly and enjoyable manner so that EVERYONE HAS A GOOD TIME!  There are only a few Mobile Disc Jockeys in the Central Wisconsin area that are suitable for most events.  You’ll need to meet with several to find the one who best serves your needs, budget, and style.


Final Note: If you’re putting a lot of time and money into your party, and want everything to run as smoothly as planned, hire professionals.  Remember, sometimes the difference between a mediocre DJ and a great disc jockey is only $100-$200 higher.  You owe it to yourself to look around and compare services carefully.  Don’t just compare “PRICES”!  Evaluate each potential entertainer.  Assess their knowledge, reliability, creativity, and professionalism in carrying out your event.  After taking all of these factors into account, we feel very strongly that you will book us and we will deliver a performance that is truly Over The Top!